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Rooftop is an essential Nordic alliance between the Nordic’s premium event marketing agencies. We are here to help any company who generates modern marketing communication content through event marketing and sponsorships. We will save your money and time and here is how...
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How we do it?

Our unique design and production implementation plan

Why choose us?

Modern brands require authentic local content, personality, and partnerships to support the brand’s success. Rooftop activates the brands’ needs by designing a consistent event concept which can be produced throughout the Nordics and Baltics.

We design and produce truly Nordic marketing campaigns with insights from each country. One campaign is smoothly implemented to all Nordic and Baltic markets via our hub. Local people, venues and media ensure the local knowledge for campaigns. Our clients create more value, content and results without losing any quality.

For the first time ever in the Nordic countries, you are able to get the answers and relevant solutions to all your specific needs, challenges and ideas behind one door, as we say it.

What else do you need?

For whom?

We offer tools and consulting to senior level directors to create efficient processes, evaluating methods, and integrating content from events & sponsorships to the brand’s marketing mix.

We are your solution, if you:

  • would like to have just one contact but also local knowledge
  • would like to save time and money but still create great results in the Nordics and/or Baltics
  • would like to use your budget efficiently and use the same idea and concept in more than one country
  • would like to generate more value and content through event marketing and sponsorships

We can raise your business to the next level!

What we offer?

Get your advantage from our services

Strategic work and long term planning

Conceptual campaign design and production

Main products


  • Strategic work and long term planning
  • We recognize the change in the market behaviour and offer solutions accordingly.
  • We offer tools and consulting to senior level directors to create efficient processes and evaluating methods to integrate content from events & sponsorships to a brand’s marketing mix.
  • Our clients enjoy the benefits of truly Nordic-Baltic design teams providing the best knowledge from each local market. We are happy to share our experience to secure our client’s objectives.
  • We are a proud partner of Performind – the leading methodology and software to set up weighted criteria for sponsorships, events, and community investments.
  • Conceptual campaign design and production
  • We build up cost-effective concepts and solutions
  • We offer ideas and content out-of-the-box
  • We provide authentic local content and personality
  • We offer truly Nordic-Baltic campaign design and production
  • We provide smooth campaign implementation in the Nordic and Baltic markets
  • We measure all data and share the results
  • We manage purchasing efficiently
  • We are surrounded by trusted network of professional suppliers
  • Main products
  • Roadshows
  • Expos
  • Corporate events
  • Event activations
  • In-store activations
  • Product launches
  • Sponsorship activations (objectives, activation planning, design, budgeting, production, results)
  • Services
  • Consulting – to set up objectives & strategy
  • Studio – to create successful concepts & content to all channels
  • Campaign management & onsite – to produce quality campaigns with agreed budget
  • Promoters – trained & motivated event crew to create sales and brand feeling

Where we operate?

Our unique design and production implementation plan

Who are we?

Nordic event agencies have always cooperated, and shared experiences and campaigns. Our alliance is the next step to making Nordic operations even smoother and more productive for our clients. Let us know your needs and challenges and we will take your projects to the max. We are the proud founding partners of Rooftop.




Malja is a creative brand activation agency, who’s core is in events and sponsorship activations.

We design and produce compelling content, which meets our clients’ needs. We handle budgets and build productions – from idea and concept generation to implementation. We understand target groups, set targets, do quality control – from the very beginning of the project to after-care. Transparently, responsibly and productively. We promise to help our clients to build correct messages and to control the brand visual identity during the different phases and channels of the campaign.



FINLAND / Miikka Vahtera
CEO, partner
+358 40 560 2995
Pieni Roobertinkatu 9
FI-00130 Helsinki, Finland

LATVIA / Linda Rubene
Campaign Manager
+371 261 88384



At MCI, we believe that when people come together, magic happens.

With face-to-face, hybrid and digital experiences at the fore, we help companies and associations strategically engage and activate their target audiences, build dedicated online presence and offline communities. We deliver everything a client requires in order to strengthen their brands and boost their performance.



Stockholm & Copenhagen

Jonas Jonsson
Director of Sales, Corporate Business
+46 70 557 85 82
Drottninggatan 97
113 60 Stockholm, Sweden



Crone & Co offers experimental solutions and management.

We innovate how to reach, touch and engage people. Creating live experiences that build change and value for businesses, organisations and individuals. We provide holistic solutions bearing in mind your customers, employees, partners, shareholders, volunteers and the public – are all equally important! We create innovative ways to people! Co-creation is our mantra. Involving people “the right way”, drives relation, loyalty and passion for the “change” you want to see. Be it a belief, a skill or an action.



René Crone
CEO, partner
+45 25 15 03 10
Strandgade 98
CPH-1401, Denmark



Gyro is Norway´s leading experience marketing and event management agency.

Our track record goes back more than 30 years, serving corporations in all categories of business and public sector agencies. Gyro assists clients in producing events and projects representing cutting-edge creative, technical and operational excellence.



Jomar Selvaag
CEO, partner
+47 4144 7177
Pontoppidans gate 7
0462 Oslo, Norway

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